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So, you're interested in joining Edhel Annon? Well, that's a smart decission.
We have lots of events you can attend too. We even have a RP-ing group!
We have a bit of a difficult Hierarchy.

                                                            /  /    |    \  \
                                                           Five Officers
                                                           / / / /  |  \ \ \ \
                                                        Nine Class-Leaders


If you want to promote, from recruit to member, you need to get 2 recommendations from other members, or you need to get 1 recommendation from an officer.
The Nine Class Leaders
will choose a new high-officer from the officers at the end of each month. They have the power to promote or demote certain officers and members.

We hope you'll join our Kin!
We're looking forward to you!!

~The Website Team~
Important! You need to click Join Edhel Annon to access the rest of the site! It doesn't explicitly state that you do, but if you don't you only have access to the public stuff:)
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